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GoldIcon specialise in a personalised form of direct marketing which allows us to connect with consumers directly.


We manage our clients’ campaigns from start to finish in order to ensure it suits the needs of their brand and their consumer and delivers a high ROI


By connecting with consumers on a face-to-face business we are able to really get to know them and offer them products and services which are ideal for them.


Our unique marketing methods help us to form unique bonds between our clients and their ideal consumers which leads to return customers and increased brand loyalty.

Looking for a unique marketing opportunity?

Our Process

At GoldIcon we pride ourselves on our unique marketing process. Our format is designed to personalise the consumer experience.


We work closely with our clients to work on a campaign which reflects their company culture and brand message.

Design & Development

We use this information to design a campaign which reflects both our clients’ and their ideal consumers’ needs.

Personalised Communications

We then take these campaigns directly to consumers in order to establish personal and long-lasting business relationships.

Measurable Results

We guarantee a high return on investment and deliver daily or weekly reports to demonstrate how the campaign is performing.

What We Do

At GoldIcon we offer a range of personalised services so that there is something for every company, no matter how big or how small.

Campaign Development

Campaign Development

We work hard to develop unique marketing campaigns that reflect our clients’ brand message and company culture as well as identifying with ideal consumers.
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Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

As the most personalised form of marketing, direct marketing allows us to connect with our clients’ ideal consumers in a face-to-face manor which creates long-lasting relationships.
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Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

We have a strong market reach across the UK which allows us to connect with a large amount of consumers on a face-to-face basis to spread awareness regarding our clients’ products and services.
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Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee a 100% return on investment which makes us the most efficient and successful marketing solution available.
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Best option for you

Best Option for your Business

What makes GoldIcon the best solution for your marketing needs? We consider ourselves an extension of your brand which means that we care about your business and its achievements as much as we do our own. Therefore we will work around the clock to deliver:

  • Personalised Marketing Campaigns
  • Unique Business Connections
  • Increased Lead Generation
  • Improved Brand Loyalty

Unique Marketing Solution

Unlike forms of indirect marketing, we offer a personalised marketing solution which is guaranteed to work. Our Direct Marketing services allow us to make genuine connections with your target market which has an increased effect on conversions to real customers and returning customers.

Not only do we promise to be the most effective marketing solution for your brand but we also offer a ‘no win – no fee’ service which proves how confident we are that we can achieve big things for your business.


Why Choose Us ?

GoldIcon is a personalised marketing firm with market reach throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.

We will generate an increased number of potential customers and then follow up to convert these numbers into real paying customers.

Rolling out a new product or service? Don’t worry we can reflect this in your campaign! We can develop our campaigns to suit all of your marketing needs.

We specialise in making genuine connections with your consumers which almost guarantees they will be returning to your brand for more products and services.

You will receive a strong team of brand advocates who are as passionate about your brand’s success as you are.

Customer Acquisition 95% 95%
Brand Awareness 90% 90%
Campaign Management 97% 97%
Return on Investment 100% 100%
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