Dwayne Foster of GoldIcon Enterprise Reveals How A Sporting Career Set Him Up For Business Success

Before embarking on a career in the sales and marketing field, CEO at GoldIcon Enterprise, Dwayne Foster was a professional footballer, reaching under 21 level with Wolves. During a sit-down interview, the business owner provided insight on the influence of his sporting career on his success as a business owner.

Speaking about his former career, Mr Foster commented that he used lots of transferable skills from his footballing career, to help him navigate the journey to business ownership. Mr Foster was only 18 years old when he entered the sales and marketing industry. He had zero business experience; however, he attributes his rise through the ranks and eventually becoming a business owner, to the valuable skills he learned playing sports. The GoldIcon Enterprise CEO highlighted the skills he was able to transfer to the business world.


As a former footballer, Mr Foster is used to playing in a team “You win as a team, and you lose as a team. While there might be standout individuals who contribute more, success is a team effort.” Stated Mr Foster.

For example, Leicester City’s shock victory in the 2015/2016 EPL season was the embodiment of a side who fought for each other and was a great display of the power of teamwork.

Competitive Edge

“A competitive edge can’t be taught, it’s either something you have or not, and I believe that my competitive nature was a huge factor in me becoming a business owner.” Stated Mr Foster.

Mr Foster argues that competition forces people to perform better and drives productivity.

Winning Mentality

The GoldIcon Enterprise CEO believes that success is a mindset and that if people can adopt a winning mentality, they will always find a way to win, no matter the circumstances.

GoldIcon Enterprise is always looking for fresh talent to help take their business forward, and Mr Foster believes that those from a sporting background bring many valuable skills that they can transfer into the business world, the same way he once did.

GoldIcon Enterprise is a Birmingham-based direct marketing firm. Their personalised marketing campaigns are designed to make genuine connections with consumers and spread brand awareness which leads to increased interest and hype surrounding clients brand, products and services. Dwayne Foster firmly believes that his sporting career set him up for business success and he is looking for former athletes to help take GoldIcon Enterprise forward.

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