GoldIcon Enterprise CEO Shares His Top Tips for Building Confidence

CEO at GoldIcon Enterprise, Dwyane Foster contends that confidence and success go hand in hand. The business owner has shared his top tips for building confidence, in an attempt to help aspiring entrepreneurs progress their career.

Norman Vincent Peale once said, “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” And Mr Foster concurs with that statement.

  1. Dress for success

“When you look good you feel good. Every day I wear a suit because it portrays a successful image and it makes me feel good about myself.” Stated Mr Foster. At GoldIcon Enterprise they urge their staff and contractors to dress for the position they want, not for the one they are in. The direct marketing experts believe that when someone looks the part, they carry themselves with confidence and that looking good communicates power and competence.

  1. Focus on the big picture

CEO at GoldIcon Enterprise, Dwayne Foster believes that focussing on the bigger picture can have a significant influence on confidence. The business owner recognises that the mundane, day to day tasks can cause people to forget why they’re doing it and that taking time to focus on the bigger picture, will enable them to refocus on what is important to them and their business.

  1. Be positive

A positive mind is the secret to confidence and success argues GoldIcon Enterprise. The Birmingham-based firm believes that the power of positivity is phenomenal. “A positive mind generates positive results. Thinking positive allows someone to always see the possibilities and a way to win.” Stated Mr Foster.

  1. Don’t dwell on mistakes

The journey to success will be full of ups and downs, and mistakes are an inevitable part of that journey. GoldIcon Enterprise believes that the key to maintaining confidence is not to dwell on mistakes. “Don’t forget the mistakes you’ve made but learn from them to do better next time.” Stated Mr Foster.

  1. Commit to development

At GoldIcon Enterprise they have a culture of development. The direct marketing specialists contend that on-going education is the catalyst for success. CEO Dwayne Foster believes that it is pivotal to keep learning, allowing the firm’s staff and contractors to expand their knowledge and skill-set and provide them with valuable skills for future success.  “Knowledge brings confidence, and the more you know the further you can go,” stated Mr Foster.

GoldIcon Enterprise is a direct marketing firm based in Birmingham. They aim to deliver personalised, dynamic, and unique marketing solutions. CEO Dwayne Foster is a dedicated business coach and mentor, and he is passionate about helping aspiring professionals achieve their goals, and he believes confidence to be one of the critical components of success.


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