GoldIcon Enterprise discuss top mindsets that will earn more customer referrals

Sales and Direct marketing firm GoldIcon Enterprise believe that there’s not just one tried and tested method that will earn your business customer referrals. The Birmingham based firm believe that they have come up with four different mindsets that will help your business quickly secure more customer referrals than ever before.

Many startups and new businesses tend to get trigger-happy when it comes to sending out emails with the hope of getting new leads to turn them into customers. However, in doing so, companies miss out on the fastest and most cost-effective generators of new business. In addition to that, they’re missing out on the true point of referrals. A customer referral should not be a case of bombarding potential and new leads with information in the hope to brainwash them into thinking the company can turn them into new customers. If a company is adopting this approach, they are going to shoot themselves in the foot when growing the business long-term.

If companies want to increase referrals dramatically, they will need to drastically change what the idea of referrals is: Customer referrals are an opportunity to celebrate and show how valuable they are to the business. Adapting to this mindset will see much happier customers and far more new ones.

GoldIcon Enterprise customer referral blueprints consist of four approaches:

1.) Earn that referral

Getting a referral takes hard work, and this is something that often gets overlooked by companies. In order to get clients to refer the company, they need to be happy, and they need feel like they are getting some form of value. That should be the primary focus, instead of just asking for a referral as its far less likely to happen. Often if everything else is going well, companies won’t even have to ask for the referral in the first place.

2.) Offer to help

When businesses look for new business leads they often ask customers to give a referral because it helps the company. When a service genuinely helps the customer succeed, it’s essential to offer the services because as a business they thoroughly believe that such services can help.

3.) Commitment

It can be a big signal internet for someone to refer a friend. They’re putting their credibility on the line when they refer the business. They will not want to receive a quick and thoughtless “thank you” message after getting their friend within your CRM systems with the sales team ready to pounce on their new business lead. They will want assurances that the business is genuinely committed to exploring whether the services are right solution at the right time for their friend.

4.) Make sure to give thanks when its due

A referral is not just a sales lead. A referral is a massive and often major vote of confidence from the customer and the ultimate validation that the business is indeed providing a service that values their business. Once the company receives a referral, the achievement should be celebrated.

Think of it as the customer saying that the team and the business in its entirety are offering value to community and customer. Take the time to reach out and thank the customer for their continued support and belief in the business.

Unlike forms of indirect marketing, GoldIcon Enterprise offers a personalized marketing solution which is guaranteed to work. The firms Direct Marketing services allow them to make genuine connections with their client’s target market, which has an increased effect on conversions to real customers and returning customers.

Not only do they promise to be the most effective marketing solution for brands but they also offer a ‘no win – no fee’ service which proves how confident they are that they can achieve big things for any business.



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