GoldIcon Enterprise Managing Director shares 3 Ways to Up Your Networking Game in 2018

GoldIcon Enterprise Managing Director, Dwayne Foster has challenged all entrepreneurs to up their networking game in 2018. The Birmingham based entrepreneur has shared his top tips to make the most out of the year ahead and shared them with his contractors and staff in a recent workshop.

The firm has picked out the most important points that were covered:  

1.) Introduce yourself as authentically as possible.  

During networking events, you’ll inevitably be asked the usual question of “so what do you do?” First impressions are key, so it’s important to set yourself apart from others and approach the question with a sense of enthusiasm and authenticity, show the real you. Introduce yourself and name your true passions and what excites you.  

Letting people know what gets you going will make you naturally more passionate, passion is contagious and will spread to those around you and encourage them to do the same. It’s key to be as real as possible, and you’ll create real and valuable connections.  

 2.) Have Meaningful Conversations.  

In order to create a real and meaningful bond or connection with someone, initiate a real conversation. Discuss real issues and topics; this is proven to be one of the most successful techniques when it comes to forging real relationships in business and your personal life. An engaging discussion will create a bond, will bring shared experiences to the fore and shares feelings. To make a real connection, ask questions that will spark intrigue and find out what inspires or motivates the other party. Cut the small talk, and you’ll find it easy to make great connections.   

3.) Don’t be afraid to follow up.  

The hardest part is already done so why let the spark fade? Contact the person(s) you connected with around two to three weeks later. Schedule a follow-up call or a meeting. It’s important to maintain these connections, people like people that want to help. By offering to be of service, you will build strong and lasting relationships.   

GoldIcon Enterprise aims to always deliver the most personalised, dynamic, and unique marketing solutions. No two of their campaigns will ever be the same, which means that they can specifically target their client’s ideal consumers and which products and services are going to them. 


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