GoldIcon Enterprise Responds to Claims About What Makes an Attractive Workplace

With Generation Z now entering the working world full time, the expectations of what workplaces should offer are changing rapidly. Always keen to innovate, GoldIcon Enterprise has released a statement on how they are creating an attractive company culture to sustain company growth and increase morale.  

The firm specialises in a unique form of direct marketing which allows them to personalise their direct marketing campaigns to meet the needs of their clients’ ideal consumers. By connecting with customers on a face-to-face basis, GoldIcon Enterprise can establish long-lasting business relationships between brand and consumer which often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients. The firm’s workforce is comprised of highly driven individuals. As a result, the company has seen its levels of growth and innovation boosted.  

In the modern workplace, the millennials represent the largest workforce in the current marketplace. Millennials are comprised of those born between the years of 1982-1996. Within the workplace, millennial’s have incredibly high stands, and expectations from what they want within the working world compared to previous generations  

They want more, and they want better.  

Understanding these needs is a must for any businesses looking to take on fresh talent, believes GoldIcon Enterprise. As today’s market is heavily made up of millennials, every organisation must provide enough benefits for their professionals to be happy, fulfilled, and motivated. 

To keep the workforce happy GoldIcon Enterprise follow these five key benefits: 

1.) Relationships based on respect 

If millennials have a great bond with each other while at work, it is more likely going to lead to them being happier during working hours each day. More importantly, however, the relationship throughout the hierarchy down to the lower ranks should fundamentally be based on respect.  Millennials are keen to make changes in the world of work, so it is essential that they feel valued and respected.  

2.) Ensure effective communications throughout the hierarchy.  

GoldIcon Enterprise believes that it is imperative that organisations feel able to communicate with their workforce authentically. Higher ranks within the company must establish a good rapport with these young and budding entrepreneurs and must genuinely be seen as wanting to help the develop professionally. This generation is ideally looking for a personal bond that will help them flourish into top professionals.  

3.) Be flexible  

Millennials understand that life isn’t all about work. They don’t feel that work isn’t essential, but they have begun to realise that happiness comes from life experience. To have both they feel they need both time and money. Organisations the promote and are flexible with both of these values are more likely to retain top talent.  

4.) Substantial financial rewards 

Millennials have high expectations when it comes to their salaries and bonuses. GoldIcon Enterprise believes that it must be noted however that to provide stability within a company, the inflated financial rewards should only be attributed to those who are valuable to the firm’s performance. 

5.) Growth opportunities  

One of the biggest professional benefits millennials consider is the opportunity for growth that their company can provide. This can be an experienced professional that can provide mentoring, a professional working environment, networking events and conferences, courses and workshops.  

GoldIcon Enterprise take great pride in their ability to do this for all of their young professionals and believe that their investment in young talent has helped contribute to their ongoing industry success.  


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