GoldIcon Enterprise reveals the Must-have Apps for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Birmingham based direct sales and marketing specialists, GoldIcon Enterprise are advocates of entrepreneurship and have experience guiding and nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs. The customer acquisition experts have revealed the must-have apps for aspiring professionals.

The modern-day is predominately digitally and technology-based, and is providing many noticeable and incredible benefits for aspiring entrepreneurs, whether it is a platform to manage all social media accounts or an app that can help organise a day.

GoldIcon Enterprise has revealed their top apps entrepreneurs should be using:


For those that need to spend extra time and attention to information security. Wickr allows individuals to send and receive classified messages, pictures, videos, etc. There’s an option to permanently erase all deleted files from the phone and set expiration dates for messages and media.


This app is an online and mobile group-scheduling tool for social outings with friends or colleagues. It allows the user to spend less time planning and more time enjoying times with friends or networking.


The app allows the user to replace your office or home scanner quickly and will be a quicker and more accessible alternative. A no-nonsense interface, sharing and collaboration capabilities and text recognition and search abilities.


Dropbox is the world’s most famous cloud storage provider; it is a free online syncing service that lets users bring photos, documents, and videos anywhere. An easy-to-use app available for Android and Apple, Dropbox is used to save time and avoid ever having to email files.

GoldIcon Enterprise aims to always deliver the most personalized, dynamic, and unique marketing solutions. No two campaigns will ever be the same that means that they can accurately target client’s ideal consumers with products and services that are personal to them.



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