GoldIcon Enterprise Review the Employability Gap faced by Graduates

Despite their qualifications, there is an employability gap facing many new graduates with companies stating that graduates lack the professional skills they require. Direct sales and marketing specialists, GoldIcon Enterprise, have reviewed the problems faced by graduates.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has issued a warning to 2018 graduates, to mind the “employability gap” as they prepare to make the transition from education into the working world. The CMI revealed that 73% of graduates expect to receive training from their employers to become managers; however 75% of employers stated that they don’t provide training to prepare employees for a management role.

The contrast in expectations is staggering, and GoldIcon Enterprise was shocked to find that most employers didn’t offer training to prepare new recruits for their first management role. More shockingly, 90% of employers expect graduates to take responsibility for their own career development. Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed that 49% of graduates end up taking non-graduate level roles because they struggle to match their skills with the expectations of employers.

At GoldIcon Enterprise they recognise and appreciate the fresh ambition and enthusiasm that graduates bring to a business. CEO Dwayne Foster understands that many graduates are stuck in the catch-22 of needing practical experience and skills in a professional environment, but are unable to get that because companies are looking for the finished article.

At GoldIcon Enterprise, they believe that their business development programme is the perfect opportunity for graduates looking to transition from education into business. The direct sales and marketing specialists value graduates, and they believe their commitment to ongoing training and development can be pivotal for providing graduates with the skills to succeed in business.

As a young firm with big goals, GoldIcon Enterprise is hoping to attract graduates to help take their business forward. CEO Dwayne Foster is confident that their business development programme can help graduates to develop experience in business management and leadership, which is vital for business success.

“Our unique business development opportunities are the perfect match for graduates looking to gain valuable business skills and experience, and can set them up for future success in our industry or another.” Commented Dwayne Foster, CEO at GoldIcon Enterprise.

GoldIcon Enterprise is a Birmingham-based direct sales and marketing firm that aims to deliver the most personalised, dynamic, and unique marketing solutions. The firm was shocked by companies lack of training opportunities, and they are hoping to attract graduates to their fast-growing firm.


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