GoldIcon Enterprise Review the firms Utilising CRM to Boost Customer Experience

Customer Relationship Management is vital for understanding customers and Birmingham-based direct sales and marketing specialists, GoldIcon Enterprise is urging companies to grasp an understanding of the customer journey to improve sales and boost loyalty.

With customer experience being integral to attract and retain customers, CRM software is pivotal for helping companies understand consumers and the customer journey. According to the CRM Barometer, 85% of UK consumers would leave a brand as a result of poor customer experience; therefore getting it right is imperative. When asked what they consider to be ‘outstanding’ customer experience, 52% of consumers stated handling problems quickly. 38% of customers reported receiving the best deal for existing customers, having customer service available across different channels is essential for 36%, while 22% say receiving relevant communication at the right time and via the right channel is important to them.

According to Gartner, $40bn was spent worldwide on CRM software in 2017, and it is predicted to be the fastest growing software market in 2018. Loyal customers are the golden geese for brands. However, in today’s highly competitive market where customers have a plethora of buying options, achieving customer loyalty can be challenging. According to the DMA’s Customer Engagement 2017 report, 72% of consumers want loyalty offers to match more closely to what they like.

BrandAlley is using Emarsys’s artificial intelligence-enabled platform with its data to provide more relevant communications by predicting the category the customer will shop next. Using AI with CRM data has resulted in a 26% increase in revenue and 27% increase in email clicks.

Aston Villa Football Club has made CRM a priority, using it to develop customer experience and build brand loyalty. Head of data and insights Matt Swindells, believes a customer-centric, data-driven marketing strategy and contact management are the two core pillars of CRM. He says the club has to be able to “understand the voice of the customer.”

The club now ensures all new marketing initiatives look to improve the match day experience for fans across all touchpoints. The club has 4.5 million social followers, and they are looking to develop different ways to engage with fans. It claims to be the first football club to have a season ticket that is also a prepaid contactless chip-and-pin card meaning the club can track fan spending around the ground, understanding customer buying habits.

As a company that specialises in customer acquisition, GoldIcon Enterprise understands the importance of customer experience. The direct sales and marketing specialists are urging companies to really get to know their customers and their wants and needs to build a loyal customer base.

GoldIcon Enterprise is a Birmingham-based direct sales and marketing firm that aims to deliver the most personalised, dynamic, and unique marketing solutions.


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