GoldIcon Enterprise Seeing Results after Applying information learned at Regional Conference.

On Sunday, June 3rd, GoldIcon Enterprise attended a regional industry conference, held at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground. Since the meeting, the Birmingham-based firm has been implementing some of the information learned, and CEO Dwayne Foster is excited by the early results.

The regional conference was held at the Old Traffic Cricket Ground in The Point suite. With natural daylight and panoramic views of the world-famous cricket pitch, The Point is an excellent venue for business conferences.

Emirates Old Trafford is an award-winning, multi-purpose venue with a reputation for delivering inspirational conferences and it is the venue of choice for the quarterly event.

There were 400 sales and marketing professionals in attendance, with six industry promotions to start the day’s proceedings. The quarterly event is scheduled to bring together sales and marketing professionals from across the UK and provide them with knowledge and information, imparted from some of the top speakers in the industry.

Each speaker at the event covered a specialist subject, and shared valuable insight and experience with delegates, with the objective to help them expand their knowledge and progress their business development.

During the conference, the workforce at GoldIcon Enterprise displayed a great student mentality, absorbing all of the incredible information shared by the speakers, and in the week that followed many of those individuals have applied the knowledge that they acquired at the event, and have started to reap the rewards.

After the conference, CEO at GoldIcon Enterprise, Dwyane Foster recognised a fresh sense of ambition and enthusiasm among the direct sales and marketing specialists’ contractors.  In just one week, Mr Foster has been hugely encouraged by the stark contrast in the desire to develop, with many of the firm’s workforce taking considerable strides in their professional development.

“The information acquired at these events is priceless. Having the opportunity to hear from some of the most successful figures in the industry is a great learning opportunity.” Commented Mr Foster.

GoldIcon Enterprise specialises in unique direct marketing solutions throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. They aim to deliver the most personalised, dynamic, and unique marketing solutions. The firm regularly attends industry conferences, and CEO Dwayne Foster believes that having the opportunity to participate in such events, with like-minded professionals, and attend tailored seminars, is instrumental in helping the firm’s people to progress their development.  Mr Foster is delighted by the early signs, and he is confident the firm will have a great Q3.


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