GoldIcon Enterprise urges industry leaders to focus on building team spirit

Birmingham based direct sales and marketing specialists, GoldIcon Enterprise attribute much of their success down to healthy company culture and team spirit. The firm is now urging all businesses to invest their resources into creating an environment that gets the best out of everyone.

Team spirit is defined as the feelings of camaraderie among the members of a group, enabling them to cooperate and work well together. Having such an atmosphere within the workplace will have a direct impact on boosting morale and subsequently results.
The firm has devised a list of how to create great team spirit within your workforce from a leadership perspective:
1.) It’s important to be humble
The workforce will need to know they are working with you, not for you. Its important to always give credit where its due and always praise the person that deserves it. However, if something unfavourable happens as a result of a suggestion that you received, take the blame. Show that you are willing to take one for the team.
2.) Praise publicly and critique privately
It’s important to understand that when you are looking to provide praise to do so in an environment where those being praised are going to feel empowered. However, on the other hand, when it comes to criticising or picking up on negatives, it is key that you do so in an environment where everyone will feel comfortable. Public shaming will help nobody and can be particularly damaging to team spirit and the team environment.
3.) Create rules on how team members communicate with each other.
It is important your team are comfortable and understand how and when to give feedback. It’s crucial that the team understand that if they have something to say to someone or about them, think if it will help or hurt them first. If it helps to say it. If it is going to hurt them, avoid it. It is important to create a culture that condemns negative criticism and gossip as unacceptable.
GoldIcon Enterprise aims to always deliver the most personalised, dynamic, and unique marketing solutions. No two of their campaigns will ever be the same, which means that the firm can specifically target client’s ideal consumers with which products and services which are personal to them.
The businesses overall mission is to extend their clients market reach across the UK and beyond to connect with as many consumers as possible delivering the most significant results.
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