Entry Level


All of our contractors start at entry level. We do not require any previous experience as we believe we can offer development in all the necessary areas for success. To succeed at this stage you need to be a hardworking, highly self-motivated, ambitious individual with a passion for connecting with people.

Unique Development


We work closely with all of our contractors to help them develop key sales and marketing skills. These skills can offer a unique experience in leadership which is vital for business success. To succeed at this stage an individual will have developed superior people skills, innovative ways of thinking, and public speaking skills.

Management Potential


Having mastered specific leadership skills our contractors will have the opportunity to experience managerial opportunities. To be successful at this stage in the development opportunity an individual will have to master skills such as hosting an interview, choosing a team, motivating a team and financing.

Success Story


At GoldIcon we pride ourselves on developing our contractors’ abilities and skills. We believe that this leads to all round success for both our own business and every individual within our business. We believe that mastering all of these skills will give every contractor the potential to run their own success story.

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